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CAST CHINESE COINS David Hartill ebook
ISBN: 1412054664, 9781412054669
Format: pdf
Page: 473
Publisher: Trafford Publishing

The children used plasticine to make the molds and plaster for the coins. Chinese coins were cast which made them easy to forge, which is exactly what we tried to do! It was a late summer evening with the sun hanging low in the sky, when I happened upon an old Chinese “I Ching” coin half-submerged in the sand, right on the tide line. During the Sòng Dynasty, though first time in history the government became the sole issuer of paper currency after 1024, cast coins and silver ingots were still used as a medium of exchange. Knife money is the name of large, cast, bronze, knife-shaped coins produced by various governments and kingdoms in what is now known as China, approximately 2500 years ago. "It copy from China Ming Dao, but not forgery, It had been copy in 17th century in Southern Vietnam for circulation. An exotic treasure cast up upon the shore, wet with sea-foam, and glinting in the fading light. What else would you call a coin made under Spanish authority in Mexico that circulated in China, picking up local chop marks along the way? They cast old Chinese coins and read the I-Ching so as to know the future. Evans Wentz translation of The Tibetan Book of the Dead. €This was the first coin of independent Vietnam. But to my juvenile eyes, it was nothing short of pirate's gold! My parents fell in love, tripped their asses off on acid while reading passages from the W.Y. €Colleagues in China have already correctly identified the coin and we are all excited about the find. Before the Dinh Dynasty, our country was ruled by China and we used Chinese coins. Radiocarbon dates will be due soon,” said the anthropologist. Later that night, the coin was hidden from sight in an impressive fortification I had made of Lego.

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